Happy International Women’s Day

Who run the world? Girls…

Nike’s latest advertisement is the reason why I love marketing. Marketing moves us. It takes us places. 

Not only is this an excellent example of tactical marketing it literally made me want to go out there and find a Nike store. For a self-proclaimed I’d-rather-sit-on-the-coach person believe me when I say that is a true thumbs up for the Nike brand’s team.

The difference between tactical marketing and strategic marketing:

Tactical marketing is simply put, using tactics, such as campaigns and initiatives to reach your marketing goals. It’s also being tactical of the message you use and when you put the message out to your audience or customers.

Although the marketing gurus have a lot to say about how tactical marketing differs from strategic marketing to me it is simply the hyperbole between big picture thinking and detail oriented action plans. It’s the big plan goal setting (strategic marketing) and then the “how to” of reaching the goal.

And both are important – Nike’s great advertising strategy proved it to us again today. It was using a tactical opportunity (women’s day) to drive a strategy message (just do it).

A staggering 60% of female marketers have left or considered leaving the profession as a result of Covid-19 – more than any other industry – according to new research from LinkedIn. Read the full article here: https://www.marketingweek.com/two-thirds-female-marketers-considered-quitting-covid/ 

Happy international women’s day to all the bad-ass female marketers and marketing gurus out there! We salute you. May we be them, raise them and become them.