Effect of the pandemic on digital marketing

Whether it was taking up baking, growing vegetables or doing online-yoga, many were quick to adopt new hobbies and maximize family time at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown.

However, changing times ask us to change. To change our minds. To change our beliefs.  Or maybe even to change the way we work.

The rules have changed

The pandemic has driven rapid, massive growth in digital marketing.  Up to last year, the adoption of online digital marketing was considered to be relatively slow In South Africa.  The pandemic and associated lockdown have changed this.  Consumers in 2020 were extremely quick to embrace digital ways of doing things.  

Covid-19 has been a baptism of fire for business digital marketing strategy in SA.  Plotting a course through 2021’s economic turbulence has favoured businesses that are agile, innovative, and quick in their decision-making. Especially with working environments in flux.  

With staff and customers unable or unwilling to go back to brick and mortar premises, business have been forced to digitise.  This helped pave the way for many organisations to move online in new and expanded ways this year. It’s inevitable that remote working will continue to be widespread once the post-pandemic dust settles. 

Is your business embracing digitisation quickly enough?

More than ever, now is the time to make digitising a priority.  

Businesses looking to grow their brand amid the pandemic will need to align with their customers’ values in ways that are genuine and sustainable. And what’s more – consumers will hold them accountable like never before.

Digital Gap will bridge the gap between your brand and your customer. We are not an off-the-shelf offering. Through integrated services for all things digital, we craft electronic offerings in a one-stop package that resonates with your customers.  Mind the gap.

Digital Gap is a fully-fledged, holistic-digital, bespoke, tailor-made, more-bang-for-your-buck, we-actually-care type of digital agency.

Regardless of which miracle digital marketing intervention you need, we’ve got you covered. It’s the all-in-one-place digital umbrella at a fraction of the cost. 

We believe that our services speak for the impact that we can have on your brand.  While we are a deliver-more-that-expected agency, our one-of-a-kind expert services include: 

  • Strategy development (top-level brand strategy, digital marketing, campaign and social media strategy. Let us make all those plans for you)
  • Digital paid media (search ads, display and visual ads, social media advertising and a lot more)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (on-page SEO, off-page SEO – in fact, all of those geek-speak services)
  • Design (creative executions and all other picture-perfect designs, both on- and off-line)  
  • Copywriting (thought leadership, content creation and all other written stuff is our forte)
  • Website and app development (we build websites on any platform you prefer.  We’re clever like that)

Why use digital marketing for business

With so  many activities now starting online, focus as a business owner needs to be understanding the online digital space.   

2020 irrevocable changed what the modern business looks like; digital connection has reshaped the world. Businesses plan to expand where and how they engage with customers.  According to a recent global study, businesses report that their digital interactions increased on average by 50% during the Covid pandemic.  An as-yet-unheard-of 95% plan to increase or maintain their current digital communications channels after Covid.  

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