Great Web Graphics

At Lemoen Marketing, we work with myriad businesses that take seriously the principle that a fresh and frequently updated website draws more visitors. Either they retain us to provide a constant flow of relevant content and graphics, or they organise it among their staff.

The latter can sometimes be a problem, because the trend today is toward more pictures and less text, which taxes the abilities of staff members who do posts. The social media team is not necessarily geared to resize and/or (re)design the visual elements of a website. It’s not uncommon in business for someone to be able to string words together into cogent sentences, paragraphs, and articles. But when it comes to illustrating their articles, there are a few common mistakes that detract from the professionalism of the website – but, happily, this can be easily corrected.

What could possibly go wrong?

The most common mistake we see is when it comes to making an image fit a specific size. Every graphic element has an ideal size, whether it’s an on-page image or a “featured image” (thumbnail). Keeping your image sizes consistent produces a much more orderly, uniform, and eye-pleasing page layout.

Let’s say we have a logo that is 1000 pixels wide by 189 pixels high. But the ideal size for the image is 900 pixels wide by 400 pixels high. The easiest thing to do — and what most people do – is simply resize the image to the specific dimensions called for.

That technique produces an obviously distorted image that looks bad, but more importantly, it misrepresents the brand.

So what do we do?

Lemoen Marketing is a fully-fledged, holistic-digital, bespoke, tailor-made, more-bang-for-your-buck, we-actually-care type of digital agency.

Lemoen will bridge the gap between your brand and your customer. We are not an off-the-shelf offering. Through integrated services for all things digital, we craft electronic offerings in a one-stop package that resonates with your customers.  

We believe that our services speak for the impact that we can have on your brand.  We are a deliver-more-that-expected agency Our one-of-a-kind expert services include: 

  • Strategy development (top-level brand strategy, digital marketing, campaign and social media strategy. Let us make all those plans for you)
  • Digital paid media (search ads, display and visual ads, social media advertising and a lot more)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (on-page SEO, off-page SEO – in fact, all of those geek-speak services)
  • Design (creative executions and all other picture-perfect designs, both on- and off-line)  
  • Copywriting (thought leadership, content creation and all other written stuff is our forte) 
  • App development (you have the plan, we app-solutely have the know-how) 

A closer look at Lemoen Marketing Website skills

If you’ve been on a Tinder date, you will agree that first impressions count. Lemoen Marketing is a master at first impressions when it comes to websites. 

We build your website on any platform that you prefer. Whether it is an ecommerce site, php, Laravel or a WordPress website, we can be your digital marketing partner.

Our design team comprises competent visual artists skilled at graphic design, digital creative, logo development and much more. 

Studies show that up to 94% of marketers believe that video and moving graphics is a useful tool in helping potential buyers learn about a product online. It goes without saying that fresh and relevant images designed and correctly sized make a positive and lasting impact on consumers.

Having a website makes it easy for people to find you and read up about your company and services/products.  In Lemoen’s opinion, every business should have a website as it is a successful, yet cost effective tool to produce the digital results that you require.  

So if you want a partner that can wow you (and your potential audience), give us a call today.  Because #lLifeIsTooShortForBoringWebsites