Hacking the Instagram Algorithm in 2022

By Tayla Human

We’re pulling back the curtain on the Instagram Algorithm and sharing how you can hack it for maximum growth.

The 2022 Instagram Algorithm

With the constant evolution of social media, it’s hard to keep up with the changes. Instagram’s algorithm is always evolving to deliver the most relevant content to users.

One of Instagram’s most recent announcements, was that they are now prioritising original content on the app. This means that the app will favour fresh content in Reels and Feed posts, over content that is re-shared.

Tailoring your strategy to ‘hack’ the algorithm is the best way to reach more users and build a community for your brand or business.

“Update Available”

As mentioned, Instagram is constantly making changes to deliver the best content.

Here are the major updates that Instagram has thrown at us in 2022 (thus far):

🍊 The “Following” and “Favourite” Home feed views. This provides users with more customised experiences, allowing them to view content that is of their interest.

🍊 More suggested content in the Home feed. The new algorithm is now favouring Reels within the Home feed view.

🍊 Prioritising original content

🍊 De-prioritising content with watermarks from other apps, ie) TikTok

The biggest take-away from the new Instagram algorithm is that, producing your own original content and sharing it on your profile, will allow for Instagram to make your content more visible to others.