How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio

It’s time to get linked up

The ‘Link in Bio’ option is a huge opportunity for brands and content creators to drive traffic from the Instagram app to any external sites or platforms.

The Instagram ‘Link in Bio’ is a term that is widely used across Instagram. So how do you get a link to appear in your bio.

We are going to share everything about the Instagram link in bio and how you can use this to start driving your followers to visit this link.


What does ‘Link in Bio’ mean?

Link in bio refers to the clickable URL that is displayed in a user’s bio. Every single Instagram account has access to this feature and can share just one clickable link on their profile.

Showcasing your link in your bio is allowing your followers to feel like they have front row tickets to a concert.


How do I add a Link to my Instagram Bio?

Adding a link to your profile is very simple.

👉 Step 1: Head over to your Instagram profile

👉 Step 2: Click on ‘Edit Profile’

👉 Step 3: Locate the ‘Website’ field

From here, you can either add a direct link to a website, or a custom link to a landing page


How do I start driving traffic from this link?

Now that you have a visible and clickable link in your bio, you can now encourage your followers to go click on it.

The best way to do this is to make your followers aware of this through Feed and Story posts. Add the words ‘Link in Bio’ when closing off your post to remind your followers that there is a place, they can go to learn more, read more or view more.

Now head over to your Instagram profile and start linking!