Put an end to boring marketing efforts with zero results. Here’s why you need to automate your marketing with SharpSpring.

Marketing automation eliminates repetitive and mundane marketing tasks and run it automatically after an initial set up.

We’ve chosen SharpSpring because it is ideal and affordable for pretty much any business where automation is becoming increasingly important. If you’ve done some research on this topic before, you’ll know how expensive Marketing Automation systems are, that is why we’ve added a link here for you to quickly compare SharpSpring with one of the most popular platforms in the market.

Here are 6 reasons why we’ve picked SharpSpring from the crowd:


  1. Detect Key Leads and moments with Our Marketing Automation System

SharpSpring’s powerful, workflow builder simplifies marketing automation. Easily engage leads at critical points in their unique buying journeys. Instantaneously sync information with the built-in CRM suite and send automatically targeted messages. Receive a list of each day’s hottest leads right to your inbox, and act at just the right time to convert them to sales. You are able to score leads based on engagement, page tracking, fit and more – the system even factors in natural lead decay over time.

  1. Identify and Track lead activity on your site

VisitorID is one of the secret weapons in SharpSpring’s stack of tools. You are able to identify twice as many visitors to your site (compared to competing marketing platforms). Use behavioural-based tracking to truly understand what motivates each click. Identify pain points and successful strategies so that your website never stops optimising. Once again, receive a list of the day’s hottest leads directly to your inbox, and act at just the right time to convert those leads to sales.

  1. Smart Email and CRM Marketing Automation Tools

But seriously now, put an end to boring, mass email blasts and save time on your marketing strategy. Start conversations that lead to conversions with personalised messages and automated campaigns that respond to user behaviour. Use the SharpSpring email marketing platform to track leads “after the click.” Unlike other email service providers, SharpSpring offer detailed analytics on every interaction – so you can send the right message at the right time, and send your sales team into action with real-time notifications.

  1. Collect more leads with dynamic forms

Collect leads that integrate directly with your marketing CRM software. Build, customise and reorder fields effortlessly with the sleek drag-and-drop editor. SharpSpring’s dynamic forms autocomplete fields for known visitors to improve conversions and look great on any site with custom CSS.

  1. Landing pages that convert

Build powerful landing pages and landing page funnels that transform visitors into leads. Create unique landing pages, or adapt a template from our extensive library and set up chains of linked landing pages to organise visitors into different funnels and capture leads directly into your website.

Drive more conversions with dynamic web content that changes based on visitors’ interests and attributes. Deliver results quickly without a developer or any coding — and without touching your website. And if you are coding-savvy, you can always add your own HTML and CSS code to customise pages even further.

  1. And finally, Custom, Readable and Actionable Marketing Reports

Make key decisions with accurate and relevant data based on user behaviours and engagements. Choose the most important metrics for each campaign and message, then generate custom reports to review your performance. Understand end-to-end ROI and track both online and offline lead sources. Share key information with your team, clients and customers in a readable and accessible display.

It’s really that simple. And affordable.

If you are ready for the next step, give us a call and we will get you set up and sending emails in less than 24 hours.

At Lemoen Marketing, we absolutely embrace technology. You’ve landed on the right page!