Why a Compelling Brand Narrative Matters

Why a Compelling Brand Narrative Matters

How captivating is your brand narrative? Maybe you have not considered it much up to this point, or maybe you are enjoying the fruits of an engaging brand narrative. The brand narrative plays an essential role in how strong your brand identity is perceived and how well your brand connects with the humans who interact […]

Crafting a DIY Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, marketing is the lifeblood that keeps your business thriving. However, for many small businesses, the prospect of hiring a marketing team or agency can seem a bit daunting. The good news is that with a little creativity, resourcefulness, and dedication, you can create an effective DIY marketing strategy that […]

Why social media is an important factor in your business

Let’s start with one simple fact: you need to have a social media presence for your business. You know you need it, but where do you start and when will you get the time to actually do it? No matter whether you run a small business, or a big corporate, social media is an essential […]

Hacking the Instagram Algorithm in 2022

By Tayla Human We’re pulling back the curtain on the Instagram Algorithm and sharing how you can hack it for maximum growth. The 2022 Instagram Algorithm With the constant evolution of social media, it’s hard to keep up with the changes. Instagram’s algorithm is always evolving to deliver the most relevant content to users. One […]

How the meta-verse will affect the future of digital marketing

Remember The Matrix? Ready Player One? Or how about I-Robot? The world seems to be on the presuppose of launching into a full-time virtual experience that mirrors the plot lines of some of our favourite sci-fi movies and we (along with the majority of the population) are torn as to whether or not to be […]

Time for some change – Social Platforms are evolving in 2022

Digital marketing is a rollercoaster ride. No literally, it’s a rollercoaster. Every year the world of digital marketing gets more and more exciting and there are twists and turns galore. You never quite know what to expect and more importantly, how to use it to your business’s advantage. And as with every rollercoaster ride, there […]

Viral Marketing Campaigns in 2021 and What Can We Learn from Them

In the age of social media, going viral is usually associated with instant fame and success; one viral meme can make a business a household name or a brand the next big thing. From millions of likes and views to meeting Ellen, you just need one viral video to make a big splash. Let’s take […]

4 Instagram Features For Your Brand To Succeed

Once more unto the thick of it we go – Instagram has had several new updates in the last few weeks and it’s time to sift through each to decide how best to get each update to work for you and help your business.  With Meta being the new buzzword on the tip of everyone’s […]

Which Social Media Platforms Should You Use for Your Business?

But getting started can be difficult, and even something as seemingly simple as choosing a social platform can be more complicated than you’d think. There are thousands of social networks out there to choose from, but the good news is that you can start by narrowing it down to the most popular and most widely […]