Instagram Updates You Need to Know About


Instagram is a forever changing platform, and yet again they have come out with some new updates. We’ve broken everything down so that you know what’s new.


Update 1: GIFTING

Gifts are an effortless way for creators to make a living on Instagram. It is an option that allows fans to send digital gifts that, in time, creators can monetise.

Instagram gifts allows creators to earn money from their audience. Viewers can show their appreciation for creators by sending virtual gifts on the creators Reels.

Viewers can purchase stars and use them to send creators gifts on Instagram. Instagram will then provide the creator with a revenue share from their Reels that received gifts on a monthly basis, equal to USD $.01 for every star received from fans.


Update 2: ADD MUSIC

You can now add music to your Instagram feed photo posts!

Whether it’s background music for a picture collage or an upbeat song for a travel photo, adding music to Feed photos is a great way to make your posts stand out and tell your story.

So grab your tunes and start sharing!



Instagram, is shifting its focus back to photos in 2023 after admitting it overfocused on videos in 2022. Instagram was keenly focused on combating the growths of TikTok and turned to video.


Update 4: QUIET MODE

This new option helps users to set up a period of time when they do not want to use the Instagram app and focus on other things.

During this period, the app won’t send any notifications, and also the users trying to contact you will know that you are in the Quiet mode.


Update 5: NOTES

Instagram notes are essentially the same as Facebook statuses but they only last 24-hours and can only include 68 characters of text or emojis.

You can use them for recommendations or to say how you are feeling etc. But, most importantly you can use them to start conversations.


Well there you have it. Which update are you most excited about? Send us a message and let us know!